Normally I love to sit down and write a compelling and inspirational article for the Guardian. Yet, over the last week I found myself writing this article and this one. Honestly, they are articles I really wish I didn’t have to write. It required me to dig deep and confront the realities and impacts of floods worse than we have seen on record.


At the forefront of my thoughts is the pressure felt by current surrounding circumstances. Which brings me to a question I ask in my book, Crops, People, Money and You.


How do you manage the chaos and complexity and stay sane in the process?


While I don’t think there is an exact black and white answer (especially in such extreme circumstances right now), I touched on this in the latest episode of Think Agri Real Insights – there’s a small extract below with some thoughts and experiences which is only assisting me through some of the toughest days I’ve experienced for quite some time.


You make tens of tiny important decisions a day, hundreds a week, thousands a month all with incomplete information. Decisions that keep you as safe, functional, and prosperous as circumstances dictate. At times it’s exhausting to think about, let alone live it.


Up and down the East Coast, both townies and landholders are making lots of decisions right now, as are the professsional crisis managers.

I take this opportunity to also share my white paper as an additional resource Weathering the Storm: Using Personal Power to Steer Yourself and Your Community Through Uncertain Times.

It’s a difficult and uncertain time which no doubt tests and challenges many of us.
One source of inspiration is the spirit of volunteering, the acts of generosity and humanity.
It will be a while before things are back to normal.


Take care.