Think Agri

Kate Burke founded Think Agri Pty Ltd after identifying a need for corporate and institutional investors to have access to astute experience based advice when considering key agri-investment decisions. Knowing the right questions to ask is fundamental to sound decision making. Kate’s 26 years of experience forms a library of critical questions to ask about any agricultural investment.

Kate also recognised that leading farm families could further improve their performance by taking the lead from corporate business practices when it comes to business planning and reporting. This is especially the case for any farm business considering intergenerational succession or contemplating accessing external capital from sources other than traditional debt funding via lending institutions.

Kate is a highly experienced independent farm consultant with a PhD in agronomy. Kate spent time in the corporate sector as commercial manager of one of the largest grain producers in Australia and knows what it takes to run a profitable farm business.

This background enables Think Agri to offer the very best strategic advice and guidance to investors and family farmers alike.

Equally comfortable in boots or suits, Kate’s great people skills and high level of expertise can help you to thrive in the agricultural industry, so contact us today to find out more.

Kate Burke - ThinkAgri

Kate Burke of Think Agri

Photo Credit: Clarisa Collis, Agriculture Victoria