It’s finally December and harvest is underway throughout Australia. Harvest always makes me think of Mum and Dad and growing up on the farm. The trials, tribulations, stress and disappointment of untimely rain and weather damaged grain. 

Harvest 2021 is throwing up challenges especially for those inundated by rain and floodwaters. In times like these I notice that people find it helpful to draw strength from inspiration.

I was asked who inspires me and I wouldn’t be alone by citing my parents as a source of inspiration. They managed many challenges and each inspired me in their own way. Dad was a humble and intuitive farmer. I drew inspiration from that. At harvest time I rode shotgun in the Bedford truck. We queued for the sampling stand, the weighbridge and then the tip off point. I had plenty of time in those ques to absorb what the lottery of too many sprouted grains meant.

Some research discussed on ABC radio around Fathers Days spoke of the link between female self-esteem and the connection created at a young age between daughters and their Dads. As the family surprised with five older school age siblings and a working mother, I spent a lot of time with Dad. I suspect this time was not only good for learning about the reality of farming but pretty good for myself-esteem. Thanks Dad. 

Whether it’s the residual from lockdowns and homeschooling or the stress and frustration of a flood ridden harvest, I hope  you can draw strength from inspiring elders and mentors.