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Listen as Dr Kate Burke reflects on the Art of Excellent Farming and how that helps drive productivity, crops, financial returns and your own self within agribusiness.

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As floods threaten Echuca, a fellow Victorian warned: ‘Sandbag to worst-case scenario, then go higher’.

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Crops, People, Money and You (The Art of Excellent Farming and Better Returns) Dr Kate Burke

Available in three different formats. The physical hardcopy of the book, an electronic e-book version and Audiobook for listening only.

The world is a bit crazy right now, but despite uncertainty and a volatile climate, there is a way to farm that generates profit, builds a legacy and involves less stress. The Art of Excellent Farming starts with making first-rate choices about yourself so that you can make the best decisions about crops, people and money.

Your personal power is the key – and it‘s far stronger than unpredictable weather or markets.

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Dr Kate Burke runs Think Agri  and offers practical strategic advice to farm businesses, service providers and non-ag professionals. Kate is a trainer, speaker, facilitator, coach and  mentor and author. Kate spent 22 years in the Wimmera as a cropping researcher, educator and farm consultant before 3 years in Melbourne as Commercial Manager of an 80,000 Ha national cropping business. Kate’s experience with pulses started with her undergrad honours project and continued through her pHD on Fenugreek and as an adviser to Wimmera pulse growers.

Education and qualifications include:

University of Melbourne
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Plant breeding and agronomy

La Trobe University
B Agric.Sci (Hons), Agriculutre

Equally comfortable in the boardroom and the paddock, Kate has a background in farm advisory and commercial management in corporate agriculture before establishing Think Agri in 2015

Dr Kate Burke is  an agri-strategist, author and keynote speaker with specialist knowledge in the science and strategy of broadacre farming and direct investment in farmland. Kate connects the dots between people, productivity and profit to build better farmers, better farms and healthy thriving families and communities.

Kate recently published Crops People Money and You, The Art of Excellent Farming and Better Returns and regularly contributes to The Guardian Newspaper, Rural Network and Rural Business Magazine.

Kate was the 2021 recipient of the GRDC Seed of light award.

My vision is for half of the farm businesses in Australia to double their productivity and their return on investment. It’s a win win win for farmers, agribusiness, consumers and the ecosystem to have twice as much food produced from the same area of land in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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