This was a statement that NSW Premier made in her press conference recently. It got me asking – what truths do the numbers tell us about broadacre farm productive and financial performance across Australia?

What about the numbers in your dryland broadacre farm business? Do you know them and what truth’s do they tell you?

How’s your cashflow? Do you have enough to meet commitments?

How efficient are you in using the natural resources you have: land and rainfall?

Do you know how much grain, meat or wool you produce from the land and rainfall at your disposal?

Are you making the most of favourable seasons and minimising the downside in difficult seasons?

Do you know your net profit per Ha for the last 5 years?

Do you know your net profit per Ha per mm of annual rainfall for the last 5 years?

Do you know s your operating return on capital for the last five years?

Do you know if your net worth increasing?

It’s natural to be afraid of what the numbers might tell us and human nature to avoid finding out. Try reframing the real numbers as a friendly force not a foe. The numbers are like that honest reliable friend who helps you celebrate success when the news is good and gives you guidance and support when it’s most needed.

Don’t be afraid of the truth in your numbers.

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