The world has changed somewhat since my last BLOG.

Leaders are leant on heavily in uncertain times and we couldn’t get any more uncertain than we are now with the unprecedented COVID -19 situation.

Inevitably in difficult and uncertain times, stress spreads among the community as quickly as the virus itself.

I was recently asked to write a paper that provided leaders with practical strategies to proactively manage themselves and their professional and community relationships in order to maintain their own resilience when leading through difficult times.

My first thought was, How do we as leaders help ourselves and others navigate through uncertain times while maintaining our own wellbeing?

So, I created a grab bag of tools and tricks that covers the following areas and today I thought I would share those areas with you.

  • Thought management
  • People skills and emotional Intelligence.
  • Resilience does help.
  • Navigating uncertainty.
  • Be clear in your role at any one time.
  • Be mindful of taking on the stress of others.
  • Counterproductive decision making in times of stress is normal.
  • Set boundaries to allow recovery time

Positions of leadership are satsifying and extremely rewarding but it can be difficult, so I encourage you to create your grab bag of tools and tricks, feel free to use my list, research these areas or stay tuned for my next BLOG where we can delve deeper into at least one of these areas.

I hope this provides you with some additional support, especially during this ‘social distancing’ phase.

Stay safe out there.